[ENG] Lollipop Contest 2K16




  1. You must create a good ambient, happy, colorful, and fun of course, as all the candy shops (something related with candies and sweets). You can’t exceed 3 minutes in length, and at least 1 minute and a half, and finally include the flyer to your video. That’s all!
  2. Once you do this you must send the link of your video to fingervetv@gmail.com with the subject: “Lollipop Contest 2016 – Your Name” and finally, you must include the country where you live.


We are choosing a total of 2 winners among all the participants, they’ll be chosen by Sharky, Bumpy Knuckles and me, Luis. They’ll be chosen by originality, theme of the contest, difficulty of tricks and have followed all the steps correctly. The deadline for send the videos will be available from February 20 until March 20. Results will be announced March 25.


Only the first 2 places will be awarded the prizes, each winner will be announced on March 25 these are the prizes that we have prepared for you:


1st place


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